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Advanced hair styling DVDs by Raphael
Raphael Advanced Hair Styling DVDs

A complete instructional Advance Hair Styling full color and sound video tape series by master stylist -Raphael. Raphael International offers hair care products and educational training video tapes to those interested in expanding their cosmetology skills. You may use the Web shopping cart order form below, or just Call Us to place your order. These limited edition 60 minute videos are in full color, with narration's by Raphael, and contain actual step by step guides to these highly skilled hair design techniques. We accept most all major credit cards, and will ship the product by UPS or US Mail -parcel post, on the same day that the order is received and card payment has been approved.  "" order at a discounted price.

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$39.95 On Sale!
World of Fantasy video VOL#1
Volume #1 covers the following subjects and techniques in this DVD on sale for for $39.95. DVD-CD for use on all DVD players.... plus freight How to create "Flat" hair pieces to complement advanced styles for "runway modeling" and fashion shows. It's all about getting noticed when your doing styles for runway fashion models and star performers! Complete step by step instructions DVD high definition format on designing and finishing .
$45.00 On Sale!
World of Fantasy VOL#2 -DVD
Volume #2 covers the following advanced hair styling subjects and techniques in this step by step educational DVD : How to create "Flower Petal" hair pieces, hair extensions, coloring and colorful ribbon inserts for a fantasy "runway modeling" competition or fashion industry show. These are advanced stylist tricks of the trade to make everything look natural as only World Champion Raphael can do during international competitions. Only This step-by-step DVD shows you how to make Fantasy pieces ,how to integrate the add-on hair pieces into the models natural hair so it blends with her total look. Runway models and star performers love the look you can achieve with these secret hair styling steps.
$45.00 On Sale!
World of Fantasy Video VOL #3
Complete instructional step by step DVD Fantasy and runway modeling hair styling techniques by master award winning stylist and World Champion -Raphael "World of Fantasy" Vol#3 Advanced Video hair styling & training series... Volume #3 covers the following subjects and techniques in this educational hair styling DVD : How to create "Ribbon" Hair pieces for runway modeling and entertainment events. This is a step-by-step on DVD that covers the finishing of hair enhancement pieces that are added to a models natural hair to create a "show stopper" look at fashion shows and hair styling competitions.
$45.95 On Sale!
World of Fantasy Hair Styles VOL#4
"World of Fantasy" Vol#4 DVD training series for advanced hair designs by World Champion stylist Raphael, is now on sale for only $39.95 Volume #4 covers the following subjects and techniques in this DVD educational concluding the Fantasy Hair Styling Series and runway modeling styling course. How to mold & make curves with flat hair pieces. Complete instructions are also given on Fantasy hair braiding and hair coloring and the finished look holding techniques. Only $39.95 each in DVD.
$59.95 On Sale!
Basket Weaving and Hair Braiding VOL#5
DVD step by step training series in runway hair styles: Basket Weaving and advanced braiding techniques by champion award winning hair stylist Raphael. Volume # 5 covers the following subjects and techniques in this full color step by step educational DVDs: Raphael goes beyond traditional styling techniques by introducing "basket weaving". A creative direction in advanced hair designing, that goes beyond imagination. Hair pieces transform the models into "runway" stars. This tape also takes you through advanced braiding techniques and explores new dimensions in fantasy styles. $59.95 ea. Call Raphael International for DVD/CD recording formatted video detail sales information as quantities are limited to available supply.... 1-586-977-9991
Fantasy Hair Styling -Evening Styles #6
Volume # 6 covers advanced Evening Style. Raphael performs the magic and shows you how to go beyond normal styling when the client wants a totally unique fashion statement look. This DVD is priced on sale for only $35.95 . Raphael will teach you how to make a lasting impression for special events.
$185.00 On Sale!
Complete Advance Hair Styling Video set
Purchase the complete Raphael International Fantasy Hair Styling series of DVDs showcasing the secrets and tips by award winning World Champion stylist Raphael. Price includes Fantasy Hair styling VOLUMES 1-4, plus "Basket Weaving and Braiding" Vol #5 and the Evening hair styles Vol # 6. ^ DVD's included sale price of $185.00 plus shipping